New Zealand Standards

New Zelaand child restraint standard

NZ "S" 1754
Characteristics: Yellow diamond shape or yellow rectangle shape.

Child restraints certified for use in New Zealand will show an 'S' mark (New Zealand Standard NZS 1754). This may also be on a long skinny sticker, (rectangle).

This standard appears on American made seats. No car seats are currently made in New Zealand. The last seats made in NZ were around 1998, before being sold to an overseas company. 


Restraints that comply with the United States Standard (FMVSS 213) must, in addition to any other markings, display the New Zealand Standard 'S' mark, to show they have been certified for use in New Zealand.

Source: LTSA (Quoted under "Standards Markings")

American made child restraints require the harness to be at or below the child's shoulders, when rear facing. For forward facing the belts must be at or above the child's shoulders.

NZS 1754

The red circle shows where the yellow "S" standard sticker is found on this child restraint. Some seats may have them one the side, or under any pockets attached to the seat cover.

Compliance carried out by Bureau Veritas New Zealand

NZ seat

So what is tested? *G = Force of Gravity

Front Impact Tick 24 G Force
Rear Impact  
Side Impact  
Inverted Impact  
Genital Injury Test  
So what's tested? Little Treasures Oct/Nov 07.


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