Lifespan Table

All car seats (includes capsules, convertibles and booster seats) expire. This includes imported car seats from all countries. The lifespan range is typically 5-10 years from the date of manufacture (DOM). Some people are told that it is from the date of purchase, however this is not correct.

The table below covers a range of seats sold in New Zealand.

Brand Standard Life span
Axkid UK ECE 10 years
Babylove AS/NZS 10 years
Babysafe UK ECE
Capsules   6 years
Car seats and boosters   10 years
Babywell UK ECE 6 years
Brio UK ECE 10 years
Boulevard  NZS 7 years
Frontier NZS 9 years
European Models UK ECE 10 years
Diono NZS
Convertible harness mode [XTSL/RXT/R100/Rainier/Olympia]   8 years
Convertible Booster mode [RXT/R100] 10 years
Convertible booster mode [Rainier/Olympia] 12 years
Cambria Booster Pending
Monterey booster  8 years
Edinburgh UK ECE
Capsules 6 years
Roadstar 6 years
3 in 1 models 10 years
Boosters 10 years
Evenflo NZS
Symphony   8 years
Capsules/Convertibles 6 years
Combined boosters 6 years
Graco UK UK ECE 6 years
Infa Secure AS/NZS 10 years
Dorel  NZS
Cosco Scenera   8 years
Complete Air 8 years
Mamma's and Pappa's UK ECE 5 years
Maxi Cosi
Australian models AS/NZS 10 years
Complete Air AS/NZS 8 years
American Models NZS 8 years
European Models UK ECE 5 years
Milano UK ECE
Capsule with base   10 years
3 in 1 booster  6 years
Dedicated booster 10 years
Phil and Teds UK ECE 6 years
European Models UK ECE 10 years
American Models NZS  6 years
Safe N Sound AS/NZS 10 years
Safety 1st NZS
Capsules 6 years
Convertibles 6 years
Complete Air 8 years
Advance/Elite 10 years
Boosters 6 years
Boosters AS/NZS 1754 10 years
SKEP UK ECE 5 years
Sunshine kids See Diono
Brands not mentioned
* Generally these are limited life span seats
* Valid for up to 6 years from the date of manufacture
* Assume a 6 year life span unless the shell is embedded with a manufacture expiry date
* With the exception of those listed in the table above
* The expiry date is never taken from the date of sale, it is always from the date stamp on the seat shell
* All car seats expire - there's no exception to this rule
* These seats/brands may be new to the market and not yet added to the table
* They may not be listed as often they are re-branded models of other seats above
* They may change brand names frequently
Updated July 2014

Amendment to Edinburgh seats 27.06.14 following confirmation from supplier. 6yrs was set as defult until we'd heard other wise. This is a tolerance that most seats have, the average lifespan for most brands is 6 years.

*NYA - Not yet approved/certifed. Pending. New seat awaiting testing/certification

An important note on Evenflo car seats - Please View!

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