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Information obtained by visitors to this site will not be sold or passed on to any other organisation. We respect your privacy, where further information is requested we will make contact between organisations on your behalf, or pass your details on, but only if you have requested this service.


Information found on this site is correct at the time of entry (some pages have date stamps on the bottom left). Some information may become out dated as price, colours, rules, regulations and standards change often. Information is updated regularly to support our philosophy of providing correct & accurate information. Information on this site is intended to guide, and should not be used to replace that provided by your child restraint manufacturer. Information provided is obtained from reliable sources and is not printed until confirmed, where a discrepancy occurs NZ Child Restraints will look into the error and make corrections when required.

Car seat catalogue

The car seat catalogue is provided so parents and caregivers have the ability to research and compare car seats before a purchase is made. There are many car seats available for purchase in New Zealand now, and parents are encouraged to take their time and consider all options before buying their child's new car seat.

While we do our best to provide correct information, we do not have a direct feed to all retailers, therefore prices, models and seat availability is not guaranteed. Sales can push prices down, while inflation can force prices up. Stock level differ between stores and fabrics may not match those shown in the catalogue. Seats the catalogue may be discontinued stock; however they may still be available in some areas. Please contact the store listed beforehand for availability.

Car seat clinic

No longer offered. Please contact us for an alternative arrangement.

NZCR offers a free child restraint checking clinic to members of the public by request. This service is currently offered within the North Shore Auckland community. Checks can also be carried out in West Auckland areas (Glen Eden and nearby suburbs, petrol costs may apply). West Auckland clinic days and times are limited, please arrange a check in advance in case bookings are not available.

NZCR has the right to cancel an appointment where personal safety of the technician or requestor is at risk, or where weather is not appropriate. Where a cancellation is to be made NZCR will do their best to inform you with enough notice of this cancellation, this may not be possible at all times however.

An evaluation form is emailed after each appointment for you to make comments about the service you received this is not used for any reason other than to improve our service to you. You can also request, with this form, to be placed on our mailing list. If you do not have email access after your check, please let us know so we can provide you with a paper copy to post back to NZ Child Restraints.

Checks can also be carried out for small groups, such as coffee groups, child care centres, antenatal groups, please contact us to make arrangements - again this service is free, even for groups. Donations to cover costs is appreciated.

Featured items

NZCR are happy to promote car seats and other child related products on this site.
Ads can be run for 4 (four) weeks for $9.99 per month. Additional time may be entered into with out discussion by discretion of NZ Child Restraints.

NZCR does not endorse goods shown within the catalogue or featured goods page. Links provided are checked when entered onto the page and random checks are performed to ensure sites are still as initially agreed upon.

Gold Supporters may also, in addition to their banner, be offered a period of time on the "Featured Items" page for their service, product or business as offered by NZCR. The duration will vary from a minimum of 4 (four) weeks to a maximum of 12 (twelve) weeks (3 months).

Advertisements start from the beginning of the month in which the advertisement is entered. Therefore if an ad is placed on 3 June 2008, the 4 (four) week duration expires 01 July 2008, as the ad will be dated from the 1st June. We aim to start your ad from the beginning of the month following your request to give you the best advertising time possible.

Donated goods

NZCR accepts donated goods. Car seats and car seat related items may be used for educational purposes, training classes and may also be used for photos, reviews and installation demonstrations.

Where we no longer require the product, we may sell the item/s and use the funds to cover the ongoing costs of NZ Child Restraints. These costs include, but are not limited to, new child restraints, child restraint accessories, web site related costs, postage related costs and advertising materials such as business cards and flyers. While the above list is incomplete, funds received are not used for any purpose outside of NZCR. Items will not be sold if they do not meet standards, are unsafe, have expired, have missing parts or may harm a child in anyway.


Duration for advertising, (with the exception to the free 4 weeks of advertising), is based on a minimum of 4 (four) weeks to a maximum of 12 (twelve) months. Where goods are donated they must reflect the value of the duration. For example we will not accept an item valued at $20 in exchange for 12 (twelve) months of advertising.

Advertising is at NZCR's discretion. Ads will be moved without notification where they are no longer appropriate, or they no longer advertise child related products, such as car seats.

Advertising refers to "Featured items" and advertisements placed on other pages of NZCR's web site. For high value supporters ($450 +) please see Gold Supporters for details.

Gold Supporters

NZ Child Restraints has introduced "Gold Supporter" to their acknowledgement
(supporters) page as of April 28, 2008. This is available to any individual or company who donates product/s or services to NZ Child Restraints with an initial value of $450 or more, (this includes on going support). This banner is placed at the top of the page and allows the supporter to place any information on to a 500w by 400h pixel banner.

Banners are placed on www.childrestraints.co.nz/thanks.php. This can be removed at any time by request of the banner holder, or after 6 months, or as required by NZCR admin.

Standard Supporters still receive a 100x50 pixel logo along with web site and basic company/product description. Duration of Standard Supporter logos vary and can be removed at any time by request of the logo holder, or by NZ Child Restraints when support is no longer provided by the supporter. A standard supporter is an on-going low grade supporter who assists time, materials and/or other donations to NZCR in lower value amounts.

New Zealand Child Restraints Charity Register Rules 2007

This is formulated on the date of 04 February 2007 for the purpose of the Charities Commission to benefit the public sector.

New Zealand Child Restraints [NZCR] aims to promote child restraint use within the community through education classes, web site and flyers to child related institutes.

New Zealand Child Restraints purposes;

  1. To promote correct child restraint safety for all children in New Zealand.
  2. Promote awareness of New Zealand laws and regulations for children’s safety in vehicles, in particular to families entering New Zealand from other countries.
  3.  To educate parents and caregivers about correct restraint use in various job roles, i.e. childcare staff members, hospital antenatal staff, in-home child minders and related roles.
  4. Providing restraint checking clinics to reduce the number of unsafe and expired restraints still being used today.
  5. To provide information on why child restraint expire and when to stop using these seats.
  6. Provide information of where parents and carers can get information about replacement items for their child’s restraint.

New Zealand Child Restraints aims to:

  1. Communicate child restraint safety to the community.
  2. Promote prolonged use of child restraints to children under the age of 12 years.
  3. Inform parents and caregivers of benefits associated to using booster seats and child harnesses in vehicles for older children.
  4. Promote the benefits of rear facing infants until 12 months old or 12kgs [and beyond - 2008 edit].
  5. Promote the use of tether straps with forward facing child seats and why this is important.
  6. Explain the differences between the standards accepted in New Zealand, why they differ and what is best to look for when buying a car seat.

New Zealand Child Restraints financial operation;

  1. NZCR relies on donations from the community to provide materials required in education classes and the cost to cover any additional materials used.
  2. NZCR would appreciate payments to assist with running costs associated to the daily running of this charity. There is currently no building, or vehicle costs. Donations are to cover financial aspects of this charity such as mailing, web hosting, post office box fees etc.
  3. No personal income will be gained from this charity. Any payments are used to continue the running of the classes and web site. Under review 2011

New Zealand Child Restraints:

  1. Aims to provide accurate information for public access but cannot take responsibility for the variations between companies and their assortment of brands.
  2. Recommends in any case where you are not sure of any information given to contact the manufacturer directly.

New Zealand Child Restraints will not be involved in;

  1. Illegal dealings with any other company or organisation in any form
  2. Over promoting of any specific product or brand in return for funding. Endorsement can be provided, but will not gain the rights to the use of the public web site at this given time. All companies will be considered, however limits may be placed on the amount of advertising used.