About New Zealand Child Restraints

NZ Child Restraints is run by a registered Child Restraint Technician, certified since February 2006.

Our aim is to provide thorough and accurate information through correct child restraint use.

NZ Child Restraints offers services to the local community. This includes, checking your restraint installation, and taking you through the steps to correct anything that has been done incorrectly.

Saving lives by preventing shortcuts

We read many child restraint instruction manuals and review car seats sold in New Zealand and internationally (where necessary). If we do not know the answer, we will take the time to find it out, not just "guess".

Child Restraint Technicians are trained through New Zealand Transport Authority. There are two units to obtain, as listed below;

26556: Demonstrate knowledge required to sell or rent child restraints
26557: Select child restraints for rent or sale, and install them

Car seats can be confusing because there are lots of "rules" on how to use them. Taking it one step at a time and asking questions you reduce the chance of using your child's car seat incorrectly. NZ Child Restraints is happy to check your car seat install (where possible) and offer advice when buying your child a car seat. We do not just recommend the most expensive seat, like some companies may do, we recommend a suitable seat based on your budget, child's needs, age, height, weight and the type of vehicle.

It is estimated that only one in every five child restraints are being used correctly, a figure that needs to be raised, as car seats are vital to the safety of young children. It is important that we all know how to use them correctly. The number of correct seats I've seen in New Zealand and Australia, can still be counted on one hand.

Since 2006 we have had only five clients whose car seats were so well installed, we could not improve their install at all. Two of these five were return clients of ours. While we see some good installations, often a small adjustment is all that's needed to achieve a good firm installation.

NZ Child Restraints is not funded or endorsed by any company or individual.

You can find a list of certified child restraint technicians here.

For any further details, or any questions you may want to know more about please feel free to make contact with us.

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